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Black Periodt. will inject 50% of its profits into the Black Community to impact the Black Community Periodt. We also provide tools to white allies as they stand against racism. We are focused on the advancement of black people.

There are three strategic areas in which Black Periodt. focuses: Direct Economic Investment, Civic Engagement, and Health and Wellness.

Black Periodt.’s Saturday Health and Wellness Walks are a strategy to promote physical activity and connectivity.

Black women are dying from preventable diseases at alarming rates. Every year 50,000 African-American women die from heart disease, which translates to 137 every day. And 82 percent of black women are overweight, according to a 2016 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. (Source: https://globalsportmatters.com/health/2019/05/02/girltrek-gets-black-women-up-on-their-feet-for-health/)

Just 30 minutes of walking or other physical activity today can have significant positive impacts on physical and mental health.

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