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The Citizens Advisory Board, or CAB, provides a forum for the public to participate in the regional planning and decision-making process. The CAB meets at 6:00 pm on the first Thursday of the month (except August) to learn about and discuss community topics. Each meeting includes a presentation and discussion on a topic related to the planning process, followed by updates on Eastgateā€™s work program and community announcements. Eastgate utilizes feedback from the CAB to advance the development of projects, such as funding policies and transportation projects.

CAB involvement provides planners and elected officials with information and alternatives that will ultimately lead to better planning decisions. The public is the expert on its own values and preferences and there are no substitutes for their judgement. CAB members are encouraged to take information from the meetings to local groups, friends, and neighbors.

The CAB is the ideal forum for people who may be described as the following:

  • Have a desire to perform public service
  • Want a place to express ideas or concepts
  • Have a desire to participate in the decision-making process and be proactive about public funding decisions in his/her community
  • Interested in environmental issues such as green infrastructure, water quality, and air quality
  • Interested in economic issues such as education, entrepreneurship, and site development
  • Interested in transportation issues such as walkable communities, transit, and safety
  • Interested in community issues such as health outcomes, historic preservation, and recreation

Contact Justin Mondok at jmondok@eastgatecog.org for more information

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