HCP Partner Spotlight: Sophia Buggs

What an amazing time to be alive and working in the valley. Much of my farming, cooking, and wellness consulting have been about connecting folk to the soil, plants, and wellbeing. I’ve always shared my resources off-site at other gardens, kitchens, and businesses. This year plant medicine and land stewardship is the focus. It’s kind of always been the focus of my small urban farm but this time it will be followed through by planting more native species, getting more seeds, trees, and bulbs into the hands of growers and providing onsite social distance learning. 

With all that is going on in the world, it is my mission to be transparent and intentional about this loving work. I look forward to partnering with other grassroots and grasstops organizations, non-profits, and individuals who are committed to greening the Mahoning Valley. 

Lady Buggs 

Urban Homestead Farmer

Founder | Lady Buggs Farm & The Healing Garden

Mahoning County Healthy Food Access Coordinator

The Healing Garden 

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