Who We Are

HCP is a collaboration of organizations and members who share a commitment to a healthier Mahoning Valley. With support from the Community Foundation of Mahoning Valley, the partnership’s work has been guided by a steering committee made up of 14 Mahoning Valley residents representing a variety of sectors including the counties’ health departments and districts, council of governments and commissioners’ offices, development corporations, neighborhood partnerships, food cooperatives and hospital systems.

Our four guiding principles:

  • Co-creation – Work together to develop solutions, including leveraging existing efforts, to achieve long-term, sustainable change and reach our destination

  • Community Engagement  Those most at-risk for experiencing poor health outcomes must be engaged in finding and implementing solutions

  • Health in all Policies – Health must be considered in all decision-making and integrated and articulated into policymaking across all sectors

  • Influence and Inspire – Help the community understand the root causes of poor health, and inspire individuals and organizations to think and act in new ways to improve the community

Steering Committee
Determinants of Health

Addressing the Need

While numerous organizations and initiatives have been working to improve health outcomes, and we continue to have excellent medical care facilities, we are still not living long, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Community decisions have discounted health, sustaining and creating circumstances where many residents in the Mahoning Valley do not have access to healthy, affordable food or safe, suitable surroundings that allow for physical activity. This has resulted in poor nutrition and physical inactivity, both preventable conditions, becoming two of the most pressing issues impacting the health of Mahoning Valley residents and leading to high rates of obesity, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

We will first focus on creating more equitable opportunities for residents to eat healthier and be more active, as well as encourage and support residents to make those choices. We have selected three evidence-based approaches that align with priorities identified by community residents.

Reality for Residents

Action Teams are connected to each approach and working towards developing meaningful, measurable goals, objectives, and outcomes.

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