HCP Partner Spotlight: 2021 Wrapped

HCP Celebrates another Successful Year with a 2021 Partner Spotlight Highlights Playlist

We’ve made it through another memorable sometimes breath-taking, sometimes gut-wrenching roller-coaster of a year. Like everyone else, HCP celebrated milestones and accomplishments, but we also experienced setbacks, delays, and lost opportunities. Throughout all of the ups and downs each year rolls out, HCP continues to move forward and onward because of our partners, our relationships, and our commitments to each other.

In honor of our partners’ ongoing outstanding work, we are wrapping up the year with a Partner Spotlight Highlight Playlist–at least partially inspired by Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped. 

So watch and listen to inspiring words of wisdom from HCP’s partners as they reflect on health, equity, community, and exciting upcoming opportunities.


2021 HCP Partner Spotlight Playlist

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